Dr. Biswo Nath Poudel
Vice-Chairman, NPC

The Government of Nepal (GoN) prioritizes good nutrition and adequate food as fundamental rights of its citizens as reflected in the Constitution of Nepal 2015. It is also evident from Nepal's endorsement of international declarations and conventions that recognize the need to respect and uphold every individual's right to adequate food and nutrition. There has been a slow but steady progress in improving the nutrition and food security status of the population, but there is still a lot to be achieved. Approximately 36% of Nepal’s children suffer from stunting, 10% from wasting and almost 53% from anemia. Forty-one percent of women of reproductive age suffer from anemia and 17% from long term energy deficiencies. These statistics differ by geographical region and social group. The Government of Nepal targets to reduce the rate of stunting from 36 percent to 24 percent by the year 2025 and to 14 percent by 2030.

Several key national documents affirm the GoN’s commitment to improve the nutrition and food security situation of Nepal. After the successful implementation of Multi-sector Nutrition Plan (2013-2017), The Government of Nepal launched the Multi-sector Nutrition Plan (MSNP) II (2018-2022), targeting women, children and adolescent girls in the country on 14th December 2017. This plan aims to increase the number of service delivery institutions and to scale up nutrition- specific as well as nutrition sensitive services and capacities at federal, provincial and local level governments. The National Planning Commission (NPC) has started to establish a multi-sector, multi-stakeholder and multi-level coordination architecture in order to facilitate information sharing, coordination and collaboration of all relevant stakeholders (government as well as non-government) for nutrition and food security in Nepal.

This is indeed an encouraging time in Nepal as the involved ministries and development partners are joining hands to improve the nutrition and food security status of the Nepalese people. At this instance, it is important and also very useful to have all the related resources, information and updates in one place. It is believed that it will help in further facilitating the much needed multi-sector and multi-stakeholder coordination and collaboration. Therefore, it is my pleasure, to host the Nepal Nutrition and Food Security Portal. On behalf of the NPC, I would like to express my sincere commitment towards providing the necessary support for a smooth functioning and continuation of the portal. I would also like to request all the concerned stakeholders to provide information and data, to support the continued development of this portal and make the best use of it. I hope that the portal will contribute towards producing effective results at the grassroots level thereby uplifting the nutrition and food security status of our people.

Thank you.