Nepal Three Year Interim Plan Approach Paper, 2013/14- 2015/16_English

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The 13th three-year plan is an overarching national development plan set by the National Planning Commission (NPC) It is the third interim plan (previously, TYIP FY2008-FY2010 and TYIP FY2010-FY2013) as the country is unable to have a full five year plan due to the protracted political transition. It has a long-term a vision of graduating Nepal from LDC category to a developing country status by 2022. developing country from the least developed country status within the next ten years. The main strategy of the plan is improving the living standard of the people with a goal of reducing the number of people under the poverty line to 18 per cent from the existing 24 per cent. Nutrition is incorporated twice under the headings of sectoral development policies - 'food security and nutrition' under 'agriculture, irrigation, land reforms and forests' plus 'health and nutrition' under 'social development.' 




National Planning Commission (NPC)


Policies, Plans, Strategies etc.



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