Documenting the process of developing the Nepal Multi-sector Nutrition Plan and identifying its strengths and weaknesses: Report of a research project

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This research report, using in-depth qualitative research methods for the national level and in two selected districts of Accham and Parsa was commissioned by UNICEF Nepal. Accham and Parsa districts were chosen for the interviews as they were two of the six initial Multisector Nutrition Plan (MSNP) districts in which development of the bottom up approach to plan development and implementation began.

The report describes research efforts aimed at documenting how the MSNP was achieved and identifying best practices and lessons learned during early launching so that momentum is sustained nationally and implementation can be achieved effectively at the district and village development committee (VDC) levels. MSNP has been deemed important in literatures, but in practice there is no clear guideline or learning lessons as how this can be implemented fully. Nepal has received international recognition for its MSNP, especially from the scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement, thus understanding the process of its development has importance in both national and international domains. Globally, this research will serve as a tool to help others looking to implement multi-sectoral plans for improving under nutrition.




United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


Research, Monitoring and Evaluation



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