Agro Biodiversity Policy 2063_Nepali

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The Agro-biodiversity Policy of Nepal has the vision to conserve and sustainable use of agricultural genetic resources / materials and associated traditional knowledge with the participation of concerned stakeholders for present and future generations. The policy recognises agrobiodiversity as an integral component of biodiversity based on the spirit of international treaties / agreements and national initiatives in order to ensure social, economic and environmental benefits to the Nepalese people.

It has the following objectives:
i. To enhance agricultural growth and ensure food security by conserving, promoting and sustainably using agro-biodiversity.
ii. To protect and promote the rights and welfare of the farming communities for their indigenous knowledge, skills and techniques (IKT).
iii. To develop options for a fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the access and use of agricultural genetic resources and materials.
iv. To create effective management, commercialization and use of agricultural genetic resources in the present context of exploiting local national and international markets and in international regulations on trade. 
v. To contribute in maintaining sustainable ecological balances (ecosystems services) over time.
vi. To promote the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity in the contexts of national seed, food quality and safety, and product marketing regulations
vii. To promote inter-ministerial, inter-sectoral consultation, problem identification and regulation-development as far as agrobiodiversity is concerned.





Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD)


Policies, Plans, Strategies etc.



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