Agri Business Promotion Policy 2063_Nepali

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The Agri Business Promotion Policy highlights the diversification, commercialization and promotion of agriculture sector with private sector involvement in commercial farming. It emphasizes that the living standard of the farmer would not improve unless the agriculture sector is transformed from subsistence level to commercial farming.The policy aims to reduce poverty by encouraging production of market-oriented and competitive agro-products. It realizes the need of promoting internal and external markets. This policy was prepared in the spirit of National Agriculture Policy 2061 emphasizing business service centers establishment for quality agriculture inputs and services. Partnership between the private sector and Government has been emphasized for the export of quality goods. In the context of Nepal’s entry into the WTO, developing market network is its priority. The policy considers infrastructure development as a cornerstone for commercialization and has envisaged promotion of partnership approach between Government and the private sector.




Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD)


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