Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) 2014

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The Agriculture Development Strategy (ADS) 2014 has the following vision: “A self-reliant, sustainable, competitive, and inclusive agricultural sector that drives economic growth and contributes to improved livelihoods and food and nutrition security.” In order to achieve its vision the ADS will accelerate agricultural sector growth through four strategic components related to governance, productivity, profitable commercialization, and competitiveness while promoting inclusiveness (both social and geographic), sustainability (both natural resources and economic), development of private sector and cooperative sector, and connectivity to market infrastructure (eg agricultural roads, collection centers, packing houses, market centers), information infrastructure and ICT, and power infrastructure (eg rural electrification, renewable and alternative energy sources). The acceleration of inclusive, sustainable, multi-sector, and connectivity-based growth is expected to result in increased food and nutrition security, poverty reduction, agricultural trade competitiveness, higher and more equitable income of rural households, and strengthened farmers’ rights.





Ministry of Agriculture Development (MoAD)


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