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There is an unprecedented momentum at present to improve nutrition and food security situation in Nepal in tandem with the strong global momentum. Nutrition and food security have been identified as important agenda of national development and have been accorded a top priority by Government of Nepal. The strong high-level commitment from the government is matched by an equally strong support from the external development partners. As a result, a multitude of activities are ongoing in this field in the country. A powerful rationale therefore exists for an online and open access "One-Stop-Shop" for all the resources, information and updates related to nutrition and food security in Nepal. Hence, this Nepal Nutrition and Food Security Portal has been established.


Purpose of the Portal:

The determinants of nutrition and food security are multi-sectoral and hence various government and non-government sectors are responsible to provide multi-pronged responses.National Planning Commission (NPC) has an over-arching position and a stewardship role amid all government and non-government sectors. This unique portal is thus under the aegis of the NPC. It is designed for all national and international stakeholders to access the nutrition and food security related knowledge, information, tools, practices and services in Nepal. The portal aims to provide a platform to promote coordination, cooperation and collaboration among government, external development partners and non-governmental organizations working in the field of nutrition and food security in Nepal.

Using the Portal:

Within this portal, a ‘Resources Repository’ has been created which will comprehensively pool the nutrition and food security resources from Nepal in a structured manner. Users may identify and access resources added to the Portal through searching for one or more self-defined keywords, as well as through browsing in pre-defined categories or sub-categories of the resources. Linked to each resource, there is a brief description and a link to the original website if applicable. In addition, the portal provides a summary of all the related stakeholders in Nepal. It also features sections such as 'MSNP', 'Nutrition Situation', 'SUN', 'Ongoing Initiatives', 'Media Gallery', and 'News and Events' . A list of ‘Useful links’ that point to relevant national resources as well as key external resources from the broader international nutrition and food security community. It is hoped that this portal will serve as the first port of call for anyone wanting to know anything about nutrition and food security in Nepal. We wish you an informative and enjoyable visit